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Q. What is Victory Lunch Club?

A. Each item from Paris Victory Gardens' Victory Lunch Club is made from locally grown produce in year round protected environments, harvested and delievered from our Grade A Certified Kitchen within 24 hours of Harvest by our farm, other local farms, and carefully sourced from other distributers at the height of freshness, expertly paired with farm made dressings, and uniquely designed for taste, beauty, and quality. Add in the convenience of delivery and auto billing, the time savings in preparation and elimination of waiting for take out make VLC your best option for prepared balanced meals that support your local farmers. 

This is truly paying for quality and service as well as the height of taste and nutrition. 

Q. Whats the best way to contact?

​A. email for best results and to keep things within our system. 

Q. If the system is subscription based, can I skip a week?
A. Of course! Vacations, Holidays, Sick days, Simply respond to the Monday email to put a week on hold. 

Q. What if I won't be there on Wednesday?

​A. Because our ingredients are so fresh and all meals are made on Tuesdays and delivered within 24 hours, meals will be good for several days. Don't let a day off de-rail your health!

Q. So what will this cost?

A. 16 oz meal bowls are $10, 16 oz salads are $6. Minimum delivery is $10. 

Q. What about School Districts and Holidays?

A. We automatically turn off your subscription if you work at any of the local schools and turn them back on when in-service and schools start back up. You will get a reminder email. Trust us- we know when school is in session.

We will not deliver the week of Thanksgiving and the week of and directly after Christmas.

Q. Do you cater office lunches and other Parties?

A. Yes, office luncheons, training, and private parties and demonstrations have been and can be done. 7 day Notice Minimum, longer notices are ideal.

Q. There is something I don't like, what do I do?

A. email us immediately at so we can address the issue. You can't hurt our feelings and we need to know if you are not satisfied so we can take care of you.

Q.Can I special order or change the weekly recipie?

A. Because these lunches are planned out 6-8 weeks from seed to harvest, no. 

Q. What about allergies or diet restrictions?

A. Because of the small batch nature of our menu and delivery schedule we cannot make substitutions. We are in a small kitchen where nuts, gluten, & dairy are all processed. As much as we would like to accommodate every need, we have to stay within our limits as a small business. Gluten free meals are mede in the same kitchen, and there is a small chance a speck could get into your bowl. 

By submitting the below form, you agree that Paris Victory Gardens may charge for orders submitted through emails from our menu & announcement email mailing list. 

Note: VLC Only Delivers to offices to ensure someone is there to receive your delivery and can be placed into refrigeration. You do not have to be in the office as no money will be collected at 

the time of delivery. 

You will receive an email update every Monday morning describing the salad of the week as well as other news & promotions only available to VLC Members. (PLEASE ADD SALES@VICTORYLUNCHCLUB.COM TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS LIST. If you wish to add additional meals & salads or cancel for the week, reply to the weekly email to notify us no later than 12 noon on Monday.

To sign up, Click the drop-down menu below to start an account that will auto bill your card on file the day of delivery  and then click Submit. Upon completion, you'll be returned to this page. Complete the simple form below to submit your information. You may change your membership level before delivery any week. All orders and changes will only be processed through email. (

​Note, we have secured this sight and all information is triple protected as well as insured for fraud. Your information and contact/email info will never be exposed or sold. 

Membership Levels:

Herbivore: $12: 2 Salad Bowls per week.

Localvore $10: 1 bowl per week, you will be required to respond each week w/ your choice or receive a default meal of our choice. 

Know Your Farmer $18: 2 bowls per week, one each unless you respond to weekly email telling us otherwise. 

Love your Farmer $24: 2 bowls & 1 side salad per week, one each unless you respond to weekly email telling us otherwise.

Add a salad at anytime for $6. Add additional bowls at anytime. 

​Orders can be changed at anytime with a response to the Monday Emails.