Welcome to Paris Victory Gardens' Victory Lunch Club. ​

Finally, a low carb, protein,  gluten free option, convenient way to eat local, beautiful, fresh, & delicious food.

Skip the drive through.

Skip Weekend Meal Prep.

Skip Looking Up Recipes.

Skip Dirty Dishes. 

Do something for you, not to you. 

By offering small batch-scratch made meals from our own farm, other local farms, and expertly source ingredients we are providing Paris, Texas with the freshest, as close to home cooking, and well balanced nutritional meals you can get. And we do all of the work. 

Available each Wednesday, delivered right to your office and automatically billed. Eating healthy local food has never been easier. 

Just click  Wednesday VLC Sign Up to get started and for a look at our F.A.Q.

Take a look at how we are changing the way Paris experiences culinary offerings.

​Keep up with weekly photos at: 

Victory Lunch Club​ Paris Texas


PO Box 6027

Paris, Texas 75461